Rolling Road Tuning, 2 & 4 Wheel Drive
Computer print out of bhp and torque, both at flywheel and at wheels. Front to rear split for four wheel drive cars.

• Weber jetting service
• Dellorto jetting service
• MBE engine management systems

We stock a large quantity of Weber and Dellorto jets, chokes and tubes etc.

Rolling road computer link
This enables us to get a print out of engine power all the way up through the rev range with the minimum load on your engine.An adjustment such as 2 deg. more ignition timing can be made, the car ran again and the two plots put on the screen at the same time, a difference of one or more bhp can easily be seen at any rpm.

Carburetor, throttle body and ECU fitting
As well as tuning we fit and install carburetors, throttle bodies and ECU's